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16 Oct
Nice Top Drive christening party today !  Zandra did a nice job of launching the top drive with a fine bottle of champagne ! Lots of people present, good fishfry lunch, nice stories, warm feelings and much applause.  Important day in the life of Venturetech!
26 Sep
Last week, my high school’s automation & robotics teacher arrived at Venturetech with 40 students.  We gave them a nice tour, lunch, and talks by Steve (our controls engineering tech), Jason (an automation & robotics engineer referred to me by a friend), and me.  After learning that many of these kids have family challenges, and that 60% were actually on the free lunch program, I changed my closing words to emphasize the values of confidence, passion, positive thinking, perseverance and gratitude.
04 Jul
For the 4th of July, Venturetech employees gathered to say the pledge of allegiance and shared some words about how great it is to be free. God Bless America on this special day!
01 Jul
We caught our GM fishing at lunch. Nice catch from our newly stocked pond!
10 Apr
Venturetech had its own March Madness and Final Four! On the last 4 work days of March the employees had 2 free throw shots to win $100 cash!

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News and Events

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