XK-100 Super Handler™
radical combo pipe handler & power swivel 

Disruptive Technology!

The XK-100 Super Handler™ is a radical combination hydraulic pipe handler and power swivel!

Patented to include a power swivel and many other features! The first patent has been issued, 2 patents are in the application process,  and the 4th is a placeholder.

Combining our XK-100 power swivel with our unique pipe handler brings many benefits.  (see below)

Remember, the cost of a Super Handler will be less than a pipe handler plus a power swivel because much duplication is eliminated.

Introducing now, launching in 2020

Wish we could say send money now, but we’re still in engineering.  We’re introducing Super HandlerTM anyway because many companies are budgeting now for 2020.

We look forward to starting fabrication, and we expect to have the first unit in operation by second quarter 2020.

Planning is underway to expand onto our last 4 acres and double our assembly shop size.

Cuts Total Costs

  • Less initial cost than two separate units –                        - a pipe handler and a power swivel.
  • Less operating cost than two separate units –              - fuel, insurance, etc.
  • Less personnel cost than two separate units -              - only one driver/operator. 
  • Less maintenance cost than two separate units -       - only one trailer, engine, hydraulic system.
  • Less Environmental Impact – One truck, one trailer, one engine, one hydraulic system.
  • Flexible usage – Rental companies can offer either or both services with one unit.
  • Time-Saving – Unique structure requires no dangerous pinning, just easy selector pins.
  • Space Saving – Only one footprint on rig site
  • Cycle Time - 25-35 seconds depending on height,    as fast as the rig can move pipe.
  • High Reach - easily reaches 40' rig floors –                  no extension required.
  • Range 3 pipe capacity – no extension required.
  • Handles 3000 lb joints of pipe up to 13-3/8” casing without adjustment.
  • Power – Same Caterpillar Diesel as our XK-100 power swivel.
  • Tow with 3500 or 4500 truck - Electric Brakes.

Increases Safety

  • For spin-up, swivel is preset to tilt repeatably to handler pipe angle.
  • Spin-up torque is held by soft pipe grabber on handler.
  • Handler moves power swivel and control panel to and from rig floor safely – No winching required.
  • Handler also moves misc equipment and tools to and from rig floor safely – up to 3000 lbs.
  • When swivel is not in use, it moves hydraulically to  a parking position out of the way.
  • Only one driver, truck, and trailer on the road instead of two.
  • Height adjustment to 40’ requires no dangerous pinning and no extensions.

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