XK-100 Super Handler™
radical combo pipe handler & power swivel 

It is exciting to create Disruptive Technology!

The XK-100 Super Handler™ is a radical pipe handler which includes the XK-100 power swivel !

This is a major departure from the way things have been done before!

It's fun designing new and simpler machinery, and that's what Venturetech has always done!

Combining our XK-100 power swivel with a unique pipe handler brings many benefits. See below!

Cuts costs, saves time, and increases safety !  Two patents issued, 3 patents pending.

Cost is also less than a handler plus a power swivel because much duplication is eliminated.

Extreme long reach drillouts are commonly done with the standard XK-100, and we can provide higher torque if required.

Swivel and pipe handler combined on a 47 ft Gooseneck trailer.

Cuts Total Costs

  • Less initial cost than two separate units - a pipe handler and a power swivel.
  • Less operating cost than two separate units –               fuel, insurance, etc.
  • Less personnel cost than two separate units -                only one driver/operator.
  • Less maintenance cost than two separate units - only one trailer, one engine, one hydraulic system, etc.
  • Less environmental impact – One truck, one trailer,      one engine, one hydraulic system.
  • Flexible usage – Rental companies can offer swivel and/or pipe handler services with one unit.
  • Time Saving – Requires no dangerous pinning.               Selector pins slip quickly in place at ground level.
  • Space Saving – Only one footprint on rig site.
  • Cycle Time - as fast as rig crew moves pipe.
  • Places swivel above 40’ rig floors without extension.
  • 25’ horizontal reach without extension - Extendable trough is built into the unit.
  • Range 3 pipe capacity without extension.
  • Handles 3000 lb joints of pipe up to 13-3/8” casing without adjustment.
  • Caterpillar diesel is same as our XK-100 Power Swivel.
  • Tow with 3500 or 4500 truck, uses standard electric brakes.
Swivel storage position when swivel not in use.

Increases Safety

  • Safe - For spin-up, operator presets swivel tilt                                 to repeat same pipe angle every time.
  • Safe - Skate-Grabber not only pushes and pulls pipe,                   it also holds light torque against swivel spin-up                  so nobody tries to use a pipe wrench.
  • Safe - Handler moves power swivel, hoses, and control                panel to and from rig floor safely.  No winching                    required.
  • Safe - 25’ reach with no extensions required.
  • Safe - Handler also moves misc equipment and tools                  to and from rig floor safely – up to 3000 lbs.
  • Safe - When swivel is not in use, it is hydraulically                             lowered to storage position behind bumper.
  • Safe - Only one driver, truck, and trailer instead of two.
  • Safe - Rig floor heights to 40’ are selected at ground                       level and require no dangerous pinning.
  • Fail Safe – Backups or locks on all movements.
  • Safe Design Specs – API 8C, 4F, 2C, AISC, ASME, SAE, DOT
Every aspect of the Super Handler™ is designed with safey and cost reduction in mind.

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