New Products

FillSafe Tank Filler Kits

This is the last thing your man sees when filling a tank!

Clearly marked Diesel and Hydraulic, this is another step toward keeping Diesel out of the Hydraulic tank!

Some customers have spent $25,000-50,000 to replace pumps and motors because of diesel in the hydraulic tank!


P/N 13364 ………for hydraulic oil reservoir

P/N 13394 ………for diesel tank, pre-Tier IV engines (vented cap)

P/N 13393 ………for diesel tank, Tier IV engines (non-vented cap)

ScopeDown Torque Track


Fits telescoping masts, rig floors to 40' high.

Telescoping track scopes up and down with mast and lays down with mast for travel.  No sections to disassemble.

Swivel may be positioned toward any V-door location.

Track fits both XK-100 and XK-150 swivels.

Zero torque into mast.  Rated for 12,000 ft-lbs. Torque reacts into carrier structure thru Mantis Reactor™.

Engineered to API-8C & API-Q1, safety factor 3:1 min.

Multiple patents.

SafeLatch Torque Arms

Safe and quick to latch and unlatch from wire ropes.

Pull handles to unlock, unlatch, and open.

Swing onto wire rope and close.

No tools, loose parts, or falling objects.


SafeBreak Sub Breaker

Keep your guys safe!

Safe, compact, easy one-man operation using swivel torque to break connections.

Bad things happen when breaking against a pipe wrench!

Fits XK-100 and XK-150 - 12,000 ft-lbs rated.

Simple install – Weld to existing swivel rack.

Spring Filters

Finally, a way to keep hydraulic contaminants out of hydraulic motors!

Customers spend too much money on hydraulic motors because of contamination damage.

Although the hydraulic pumps are protected by on-pump filtration, until now there has been no way to mount filters at the swivel on the other side of the QD's.

Uniquely using a coil spring as a filter, this compact and rugged device hangs between the swivel joints and the QD’s.

So, anything getting into the system via disconnected QD’s is trapped between pump and motor.

Contaminants may be removed whenever the system is opened.

Patent pending.

RPM Readout Kit


Simple rpm sensor on swivel.

Inexpensive hanging electric cable and connecting cable from panel to HPU - Cheap replacement.

Digital weatherproof RPM meter is intrinsically safe in compliance with hazardous requirements.



Includes rig floor control panel with digital RPM meter connected by inexpensive cable to electronics box on HPU.

Cable connector at the panel allows easy disconnection along with umbilical QD’s.

New power swivels will include RPM-ready panel to allow RPM meter installation when new or later.

Meter is backlit for easy readability at night.



Same digital intrinsically safe RPM meter in weatherproof box for customer mounting.

Includes inexpensive cable to connect HPU sensor manifold to RPM meter.

Meter is backlit for easy readability at night.



For customers with existing intrinsically safe 4-20mA system such as Pason.

Same HPU electronics but without control panel or RPM meter.

Includes inexpensive cable between HPU and rig floor.

Super Handler

It's fun to create Disruptive Technology!

The Super Handler™ is a radical pipe handler which includes either of our power swivels !

This is a major departure from the way things have been done before!

Combining our power swivels with a unique pipe handler brings many benefits. See below!

Cuts costs, saves time, increases safety!  Numerous patents issued.

Our customers say this will be a game-changer!

Sorry it's not on the market yet, but covid and the oil crash stopped our development.

Our patent coverage is already quite extensive and our engineering is more than half done.

As markets re-emerged, we decided to develop smaller products that could be on the market sooner

and you see those here under NEW PRODUCTS. We expect to complete the Super Handler in 2024.


Swivel and pipe handler combined on a 47 ft Gooseneck trailer.

Cuts Total Costs

  • Less initial cost than the two separate units of a pipe handler and a power swivel.
  • Less operating cost than two separate units –               fuel, insurance, etc.
  • Less personnel cost than two separate units -                only one driver/operator.
  • Less maintenance cost than two separate units - only one trailer, one engine, one hydraulic system, etc.
  • Less environmental impact – One truck, one trailer,      one engine, one hydraulic system.
  • Flexible usage – Rental companies can offer swivel and/or pipe handler services with one unit.
  • Time Saving – Requires no dangerous pinning.               Selector pins slip easily into place at ground level.
  • Space Saving – Only one footprint on rig site.
  • Fast Cycle Time - As fast as pipe is needed.
  • 25’ horizontal reach without extension -              Extendable trough is built into the unit.
  • Range 3 pipe capacity without extension.
  • Handles 3000 lb joints of pipe without adjustment.
  • Engine is same as our XK-100 or XK-150 Power Swivel.
  • XK-100 model tows with 3500 or 4500 truck,                  uses standard electric brake axles.
  • XK-150 model tows with tractor and 5th wheel hitch,  uses standard air brake axles.
Swivel storage position when swivel not in use.

Increases Safety

  • Safe - For spin-up, driller presets swivel tilt                                         to repeat same pipe angle every time.
  • Safe - Torque Skate not only pushes and pulls pipe,                       it also holds light torque against swivel spin up                   so nobody tries to use a pipe wrench for backup.
  • Safe - If spinup with swivel is not allowed by company                       policy, Torque Skate will spin up pipe onto the                     non-rotating swivel pin.
  • Safe - Super Handler moves power swivel, hoses, and                   control panel to and from rig floors up to 40' high.               No winching.
  • Safe - 25’ horizontal reach with no extensions required.
  • Safe - Handler also moves misc equipment and tools                  to and from rig floor safely – up to 3000 lbs.
  • Safe - When swivel is not in use, it may be hydraulically                 stored in parking position behind bumper.
  • Safe - Only one driver, truck, and trailer instead of two.
  • Safe - Rig floor heights to 40’ are selected at ground                       level and require no dangerous pinning.
  • Fail Safe – Backups or locks on all movements.
  • Safe Design Specs – API 8C, 4F, 2C, AISC, ASME, SAE, DOT
Every aspect of the Super Handler™ is designed with safey and cost reduction in mind.

Contact us to discover more about the Super Handler.