If you want a good place to work and we have a job available, maybe we can make a deal.  We are fortunate to have built a team of good people who like working together and making things happen.  Since we’re a small family owned company, we are a lot more personal than the multi-billion dollar corporations.  We used to say we’re a multi-thousand dollar company, but things have grown a lot since we introduced our power swivels in 2001.  We’re like the Marines – always looking for a few good people.  So if you have qualifications that might fit, send a resume to lhenley@venturetechnet.com. (This email address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

One of the reasons this is a special place to work is that we hire people who deserve a second chance - people who are ex-offenders, people who are in recovery from drugs or alcohol, and even senior citizens who have great experience but have a hard time finding a job.  For years, we have had up to 30% of our people from these backgrounds, and this has been very successful.  These employees bring a lot of gratitude and productivity, and the resulting overall attitude in the workplace motivates us all.