Venturetech XK Power Swivels

XK-100 Power Swivel

Our new power swivel was launched in 1999 with the simplicity of no gears.           At that time, it was called the XK-90 with 5000 ft-lbs and 90 tons capacity.      These were high ratings for the time.  By 2008, the XK-90 had become the       power swivel preferred by well servicers around the world.

By 2015 the design had become the XK-100;  7000 ft-lbs,  100 tons - same size, numerous additions.  It now includes power tilt,  10,000 psi washpipe seal assembly, only 4 hydraulic hoses which power all functions on powered hose reel, and optional air brake.  It also includes our patented safety valve which prevents downtime from blown shaft seals if someone forgets to hook up the drain hose.

XK-100 with Tilt & HP Washpipe
xk-100 power swivel 100 ton capacity

XK-150 Power Swivel

For deep service jobs with higher torque and load requirements, our XK-150 is just right.  Not only used for heavy well servicing, the XK-150 has also been used for low cost drilling.  For example, for 15 years one customer has been drilling vertical wells to 7,500 feet, then horizontal out to 7,000 feet.  Normally top drive work, but he has been very successful using this low cost approach without a torque track or pipe handling functions.

XK-150 powqer swivel trailer


Power Tilt

The XK power swivels include our patented power tilt function. Our customers are very pleased with the safety benefits and time savings. The driller presets the max tilt angle to match the V-door angle at rigup, then the tilt always stops at the same angle during operation. When tilt is not required, the power swivel is hydraulically held in the vertical position without rope or chain.  Only four hydraulic hoses are required, all on one hose reel.

Watch Power Tilt Promo Video

High Pressure Seal Assembly

Our patented seal assembly is rated at 10,000 psi.  It is automatically pressure-lubricated and requires no manual greasing. Uniquely different than any other sealing concept, this is a highly engineered and patented approach.

Our seal assembly has been lab tested at 7500 psi for 1000 hours. Lab testing is not field testing, and after two years in the field, reports are at 500 hours seal life.  Later generation parts are already in the field, and two more improvements are about ready.  When life data is available, we expect more 1000 hours life before seal replacement.