Venturetech Recycles!

We recycle everything we can, some things you wouldn’t expect. It’s good for all of us!

Give Aways

Pallet Recycling

Materials we give away for reuse – set out at curb – boxes, pallets. Materials to recycling organizations such as furniture, etc. or recycle old or unused items on Craigslist or eBay.

Steel Shaving Recycling


We recycle steel shavings & heavy scraps.

Non-paper Recycling

Non-paper Recycling Dumpster

Paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, steel, cardboard, and glass. We also have a special dumpster for all those items you normally have to separate to recycle. This company has started a special division which allows us to toss in everything that’s recyclable without separating. We have almost eliminated our need for a normal trash dumpster service.

Reused Materials

Reused Materials

Materials we reuse – boxes, peanuts, plastic packing. Cardboard boxes and all sorts of packing material for shipping

Oil & Fuel Recycling

Oil and Fuel Recycling

We recycle engine oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, and solvents.



We also recycle people. Those people in need of a job who deserve a second chance.

Our country includes millions of people who, in one way or another, are considered unemployable by many employers. These folks may be ex-offenders, in recovery from drugs or alcohol, or older folks who can't find a job. The big question is how can we put these talents and abilities back to work? How can we give these people opportunities to be motivated, enthusiastic, and productive again? Such people have proven to be some of the best employees. 

America's presidents have always challenged us to find ways to help our people and our country - this is such a way. This  is creative entrepreneurship, volunteerism seeking to serve, and small business in action. Become part of this approach and encourage others to do the same.