Power Swivels, Super Handler™ & Top Drives

Established 1980 - hydraulic drilling machinery worldwide

Swivel being transported to the rig floor.

swivel being transported to rig floor

Super Handler™

The Super Handler™ is a unique patented pipe handler which includes the XK-100 or XK-150 power swivel !

Our customers say this will be a game changer!

Designed to greatly increase safety, save time,    and cut costs! 

Purchase price is less than a handler and a power swivel because much duplication is eliminated!


Top Drives

Top drives are big power swivels for the drilling industry.  But top drives also include many other automated drilling and pipe handling functions along with a torque track to react the torque.

We specialize in hydraulic top drives which are a logical development of our decades of hydraulic power swivel experience.

Our designs are about simplicity.

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Power Swivels

Power swivels are drilling machines for the well servicing industry.     They include at least 3 functions:

  • Rotation of the pipe
  • Safe support of the hanging pipe load
  • High pressure sealing arrangement which allows pumping drilling fluid down through the rotating main shaft and drill pipe. 
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About Venturetech

Larry Keast started Venturetech in his garage in 1980.

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