XK-150 Power Swivel

Swivel Tilt and 10,000 PSI Washpipe Assembly

XK-150 Available for Heaver Jobs

For deeper, heavier jobs we offer the XK-150 with 12,000 ft-lbs and a 150-ton rating.

The only moving parts are the hydraulic motor, stem, and packing cartridge. Using a 5000 psi piston-type, hollow shaft hydraulic motor, the swivel stem is driven directly by a massive lubricated spline.

Available lifting devices include elevator type bail or Cobrahook™ link hooks, which allow wire line lubricator access to the gooseneck top connection for horizontal drilling work.

Single speed simplicity - two speeds are not required

Patented Power Tilt - Tilt angle easily preset by driller - repeats throughout job. Automatically holds vertical when tilt not in use.  Local control valve on transport rack for safe loading/unloading.

Optional Brake

High-Pressure Seal Assembly

Our patented seal assembly is rated at 10,000 psi. It is automatically pressure-lubricated and requires no manual greasing. Uniquely different than any other sealing concept, this is a highly engineered and patented approach.
Our seal assembly has been lab tested at 7,500 psi for 1,000 hours. Lab testing is not field testing, and after two years in the field, reports are at 500 hours seal life. Later generation parts are already in the field, and two more improvements are about ready. When life data is available, we expect more than 1,000 hours of life before seal replacement.

Power Tilt

The XK power swivels include our patented power tilt function. Our customers are very pleased with the safety benefits and time savings. The driller presets the max tilt angle to match the V-door angle at rigup, then the tilt always stops at the same angle during operation. When tilt is not required, the power swivel is hydraulically held in the vertical position without rope or chain.  Only four hydraulic hoses are required, all on one hose reel.


XK-150 Specifications

Max Torque12,000 FT-LBS
Max Speed160 RPM
Max Static Load Rating150 TONS
100 RPM Dynamic Load Rating127 TONS
Max Circulating Pressure5000 PSI
Gooseneck Connection3" API L.P.
Gooseneck Vertical Access Plug3" API L.P.
Fluid Passage Bore Thru Stem2-7/16" I.D.
Standard Stem Connection4" FULL HOLE
Standard Saver Sub Connection3-1/2" I.F.
Saver Sub Makeup Torque12,500 FT-LBS
Weight2,800 LBS

XK-150 Dimensions

XK-150 Dimensions

XK-150 Power Units

XK-150 power units use a variable displacement piston-type hydraulic pump to allow any swivel speed desired. Caterpillar engines are standard, others optional.

Hydraulic-powered 4-hose reel is standard with 100 foot hydraulic hoses, and reel will accept 200 feet if required. Axles rotate on standard high pressure Chiksan-type swivel joints, available economically anywhere in the world. For operator safety, our hydraulic control valve is located well away from the reel. We proudly call the reel drive our ugly gear drive, so named because the slow moving open gears are flame cut, not machined, and require no lubrication.

Trailer Power Units

Our trailer power units are designed with the highest degree of roadworthiness. We use the widest tandem axles with oversize weight ratings. Electric brakes are fitted on both axles, and the standard breakaway system locks the brakes should the trailer separate from the truck. For best road balance, all equipment is arranged in a balance across the trailer centerline. Rugged fender tanks are arranged on each side to maximize service access on the trailer deck. Gooseneck or bumper hitches are optional, and spare tire is included.

Skid Power Units

Rugged oilfield skids are designed for truck winching and are fully floored with diamond plate. Oil spill containment rail is fully welded all around. Heavy-duty dual tank design uses minimum floor space, and all equipment is arranged to allow easiest access for service. Heavy bumpers are standard on both ends. Offshore skids are built with overhead crane lifting frames, seal welding throughout, and special salt air paint systems.

Helicopter-transportable dual-skid units are available if required.

Air Remote Controls

Air remote controls are included with a 50-foot control hose umbilical.  Control panels feature stainless liquid-filled torque gauge,  along with direction/speed and engine throttle, and power tilt. Pushbutton controls are fitted for engine kill (fuel shutoff), emergency engine kill (air shutoff), plus fool-proof torsional release control to allow controllable unwind of the drill string before picking up. Emergency engine kill may also be manually operated at the engine.

Torque Box

A control box for setting maximum torque is mounted on each unit near the pump. Torque setting instructions are permanently marked on front panel of the box.

Torque Box


Torque reaction drawings and photos


XK-150 Comparison Chart