Parts & Service Worldwide


We have a large parts inventory and we ship worldwide every day.  We do all our own fabrication in house, and we make many items in our machine shop.  We also have castings, forgings, and machining done to our drawings and specifications in API shops all over the US.  We buy "US-made" as much as we can and we avoid buying from China.


We have a team of servicemen ready to go anywhere.  Of course we're all over the U.S., and our team has also worked in Mexico, Columbia, Oman, Azerbaijan, etc.  Call if you have a problem - we can frequently troubleshoot over the phone to save you time and money. We can come to your shop or rig site when required for troubleshooting and repair, plus we can train/certify your employees and of course commission new installations.

Worldwide delivery to any location. We're happy to help.