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31 Mar
March MAdness has arrived !  Venturetech employees are all given tickets and, with the help of Candice Good, Larry Keast will draw a number. The employee with the corresponding number on their ticket will be given two chances to make a 3-point shot. If they make they get $100 cash and if they miss the opportunity is passed along to the next ticket holder, so on and so forth, until two people win per day. These are some of the winners in action. Nice shootin' guys !
06 Feb
Terrance Hawkins, a 3-year employee of Venturetech completed his Power Swivel today! Thank you for taking so much pride in what you do.
30 Jan
Steve Gerhauser led a presentation today at the monthly Venturetch Lunch-n-Learn, about his history with the company, the future of Venturetech, and the soon to come XK-250 Top Drive.
20 Jan
Today, the Venturetech staff padi to tribute to Dr. MArtin Luther King. Steve Gerhauser, a Venturetech controls engineer and senior service technician, said a few words and led everyone in the pledge of allegiance to honor the civil rights hero.
15 Jan
Happy Birthday to Venturetech CEO, Larry Keast. At 71 years old, Larry has built Venturetech from the ground up, started America in Recovery, and helped to change the lives of everyone he meets. Here's to many more!
15 Jan
Jorge Cambell, Venturetech's safety administrator, leads a saftey meeting to keep our guys up to speed!

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