Venturetech Recycle Initiatives

We recycle everything we can, some things you wouldn’t expect. It’s good for all of us.




Materials we give away for reuse – set out at curb – boxes, pallets. Materials to recycling organizations such as furniture, etc. or recycle old or unused items on Craigslist or eBay

Pallet Recycling

Paper – Our paper recycling dumpster sits outside our front gate where our neighbors can also use it. Together, we fill it every couple of weeks.

Paper Recycling At Venturetech

Paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, steel, cardboard,  and glass. We also have a special dumpster for all those items you normally have to separate to recycle. This company has started a special division called Ecorewards which allows us to toss in everything that’s recyclable without separating. We pay a small amount for this service, but we have almost eliminated our normal trash dumpster service.

Plastic, glass, cans, cardboard Recycle At Venturetech

Materials we reuse – boxes, peanuts, plastic packing. Cardboard boxes and all sorts of packing material for shipping


Engine oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, solvents

Solvent Recycle At Venturetech

Steel shavings & heavy scrap

steelshavings steelshavings2


We also recycle people. Those people in need of a job who deserve a second chance.

Our country includes millions of people who, in one way or another, are considered unemployable by many employers. These folks may be disabled, growing older, ex-offenders, or in recovery from drugs or alcohol. Americans from all walks of life are affected, from unskilled young people to doctors, lawyers, and engineers. The big question is how can we put these talents and abilities back to work? How can we give these people opportunities to be motivated, enthusiastic, and productive again? 

America in Recovery offers them a chance to find a job, to be productive again, and to build their self worth. In our founder's manufacturing company, such people have proven to be some of the best employees. We discovered this concept by accident and it worked so well that we want to share our success with you. 

So we created three no-charge hiring websites as a gift to America. We hope that businesses nationwide will find the same benefits we have found by hiring deserving people who are ready to work. 

America's presidents have always challenged us to find ways to help our people and our country - this is such a way. This concept is creative entrepreneurship, volunteerism seeking to serve, and small business in action. We hope you will step up and become an enthusiastic part of this new approach – You will not only help deserving people, you will also help yourself and your business, and American productivity. For more information, click on this link to our free hiring websites

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