The Super Handler™

Cuts Costs

  • Less initial cost than two separate units – a pipe handler and a power swivel
  • Less operating cost than two separate units – fuel, insurance, etc
  • Less personnel cost than two separate units - Only one driver/operator 
  • Less maintenance cost than two separate units - Only one trailer, engine, hydraulic system
  • Less Environmental Impact – One truck, one trailer, one engine, one hydraulic system
  • Flexible usage – Rental companies can offer either/both swivel or pipe handler services with one unit.
  • Time-Saving – Unique structure requires no dangerous pinning, just easy selector pins.
  • Space Saving – Only one footprint on rig site
  • Cycle Time - 25-35 seconds depending on height, as fast as the rig can move pipe
  • High Reach - 40’ reach for the highest rig floors – no extension required
  • Range 3 pipe capacity – no extension required
  • Handles 3000 lb joints of pipe up to 13-3/8” casing without adjustment
  • Power – Same Caterpillar Diesel as our XK-100 power swivel
  • Tow with 3500 or 4500 truck - Electric Brakes

Increases Safety

  • For spin-up, the swivel is preset to tilt repeatably to the handler pipe angle.
  • Spin-up torque is held by a soft pipe grabber on the handler.
  • Handler moves power swivel and control panel to and from rig floor safely – No winching required.
  • Handler also moves misc equipment and tools to and from rig floor safely – up to 3000 lbs
  • When swivel is not in use, it moves out of the way to the parking position.
  • Only one driver, truck, and trailer on the road instead of two.
  • Height adjustment to 40’ requires no dangerous pinning and no extensions.