Since 2000, Venturetech has proven the validity of hiring people who deserve a second chance. These hiring practices have benefited Venturetech so clearly that owner Larry Keast wondered how he could find a way to benefit other small businesses in America. This non-profit is the result of his thinking.

America in Recovery, Inc. – putting re-entering Americans  back to work

Larry created a free hiring website, enabling re-entering Americans to enter their resumes for our review. The goal is to encourage companies to hire skilled people who deserve a second chance.  America in Recovery, Inc, is a 501c3 non-profit corporation, at This is our gift to America. We hope and expect that businesses nationwide will find the same benefits we have found by hiring deserving people.

Our country includes millions of people who are considered unemployable by many employers. These folks may be ex-offenders, but the big question is how can we put these talents and abilities back to work? How can we give these people opportunities to be motivated, enthusiastic, and productive again? How can we help them become proud and productive taxpayers again?

So we ask you to help such people find a job, to be productive again, and to build their self worth.                            At Venturetech, such people have proven to be some of the best employees.