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19 Mar
March 12, 2012 - Venturetech prototype 250 ton top drive being pulled to 375 tons or 750,000 lbs on 5000 ton test machine.
24 Feb
One of my dad's 1971 Eisenhower silver dollars set into our new building's concrete entrance ramp. My friend Herb Koenig's father told him to always put a silver dollar in every new slab for good luck. We had just landed on the moon in 1969, so the Ike dollars showed an eagle landing on the moon on one side. Herb's dad and my dad are proud.
30 Jan
As part of our expansion, we added a drive to allow 18 wheelers easy one-way passage through our facility onto a side street, no longer requiring u-turns or backing up. The concrete was ready on Friday, January 27th and this is the first truck to drive through!
30 Jan
Concrete had been pouring since 4:00am – 50 truckloads, one every 8 minutes. As the sun comes up, almost all the concrete has been poured to set the flooring of the 250 ft. expansion to our current building.
30 Jan
Venturetech is growing fast, so we are currently extending our manufacturing building 250 feet, adding a new truck shop and digging a retention/fishing pond. Exciting times for a guy who started a dream in his garage, and after 32 years is seeing it come to fruition!
05 Jan
President and CEO Larry Keast spreading holiday cheer at the Venturetech Christmas party in 2011!

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