Quality Statement

Most of these quality statements sound about the same – like consultant-generated rubber stamp paragraphs written for compliance. They are just fine technically, but they’re boring.

Here’s ours.

We’re a small family-owned company founded in the owners’ garage in 1980. It took 20 years before we introduced our own power swivels. We’re creative, and we like to do things differently, so we weren’t interested in copying anyone else’s equipment. Instead, we started with a clean sheet of paper and introduced the only new engineering in power swivels in 30 years. The world’s power swivels are now measured by the standard set by Venturetech.

We operate in compliance within the requirements of API and ISO 9001 and have completed most of the effort required for certification. Our paper trail and procedures are up to speed.

From the inspection of our parts, to certified load testing, to torque testing on our test rig, we prove our parts and equipment are ready to go to work when they leave our shop.

Safety of the man in the field is the best reason to be concerned about quality, and safety is always uppermost in our minds as we develop engineering concepts and hold design reviews.

Our worldwide customers are our best salesmen for our quality, performance, field service, and follow through.


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