XK-100 Power Swivel

Additional Info

  • Max Torque: 7,000 FT-LBS
  • Max Speed : 150 RPM
  • Max Static Load Rating : 100 TONS
  • 100 RPM Dynamic Load Rating : 98 TONS
  • Max Circulating Pressure : 5000 PSI
  • Gooseneck Connection : 2-1/2" API L.P.
  • Gooseneck Vertical Access Plug : 2-1/2" API L.P.
  • Fluid Passage Bore Thru Stem : 2" I.D.
  • Standard Stem Connection : 2-7/8" I.F.
  • Standard Saver Sub Connection : 2-7/8" I.F.
  • Saver Sub Makeup Torque : 7,900 FT-LBS
  • Weight : 1,200 LBS

The only moving parts are the hydraulic motor, stem, and packing cartridge.

Using a high pressure, vane-type, hollow shaft hydraulic motor, the swivel stem is driven directly by a massive lubricated spline.

The XK-100 packing cartridge is designed to have the big packing nut on top and non-rotating. This allows the non-rotating packing to be greased while drilling with an air-powered greasing system. This can extend packing life dramatically during difficult drilling situations.

Available lifting devices include elevator type bail or link hooks, which allow wireline lubricator access to the gooseneck top connection for horizontal drilling work.

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